From Bristol to Brighton & Bach

For Skye ~ the girl who liked to explore

‘Night night Nanna,’ said Skye as she snuggled under the cosy duvet and sunk her head into the fresh white pillow that was so soft and cuddly. ‘Love you,’ she added as Nanna quietly left the bedroom. Skye felt very warm and comfy and extremely sleepy after such a fun filled day. She fell fast asleep almost as soon as Nanna had closed the bedroom door and here began Skye’s next adventures as she went into the wonderful and exciting world of dreams.

It wasn’t long before the little explorer called Skye entered the dark tunnels of Peecaboo Land. The tunnels were long and they curved this way and that and were filled with a sooty smoke that made some of the people on the train cough and splutter. They had not seen daylight for so long and now they were…

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