From Bristol to Brighton & Bach

Ron is a man who wants to escape. He needs to free himself from the Monday to Friday monotony, the month by month meltdown. Ron wants to slay the seasonal expectations of the beige brigade. He no longer wishes to mow and dig in the summer, rake and burn in the autumn, DIY to death in the winter and spring into action in the………well – in the spring. No! With a slam of the fist on his kitchen table he wants to be rid of this yearly fail-safe formula. He wants to surf and cycle in the summer, abseil in the autumn, ski and sledge in the winter and skydive in the spring. Ron wants action, he yearns for white-knuckle living. He has a desperation to cut the shackles to what he sees as his very ordinary and banal everyday existence.

Each day reliable Ron awakes at six and automatically…

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