Paws for Thought & Bus Tails

Musings of a Commuter & Reader of Life


Since my early years I have always been an avid writer and reader.

As I was an only child, I had an imaginary friend who I wrote about, and I was described by my teachers as having a vivid imagination.

Progressing through my teenage years, I vented my teenage angst through poetry, of love lost and found.

In later years writing became my way of inner cleansing for my tortured soul and allowed me to heal myself and declutter my life from negativity.

In present days I have returned to writing and am enjoying exploring blogging my commuter observations, poetry and story ideas.

I welcome any follows, comments and your company on my journey 😊

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Paws for Thought & Bus Tails

Musings of a Commuter & Reader of Life

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