Mabel clutched her handbag tightly containing her most precious Peki. It seemed only yesterday she had carried her home from the pet shop, on that snowy Christmas Eve. Her daughter Stevie was going to be so thrilled when she opened her eyes on Christmas morning to see the soft warm bundle of joy asleep on her feet. And indeed she was.
Peki looked up at Mabel with a doleful stare, which made Mabels heart melt. Peki had been her daughters companion all through her childhood, never leaving her side. Stevies hand was constantly stroking her best friend day and night, even in her sleep. Mabel smiled as she remembered that so clearly. Inseparable.
Mabel had carefully chosen Stevies ruby red bow for Pekis hair and the ruby red soft velour jumper she wore herself.
Coming back to reality Mabel pressed the button for her bus stop. Carefully standing, holding her bag close she approached the exit door and alighted.
Taking a deep breath Mabel walked up the path to the vets. Ten minutes later she stroked Pekis paw as the vet administered the injection which ended her suffering. Now Peki could be reunited with her beloved Stevie who had passed away exactly a year ago today at the tender age of ten