This blog is a mixture of my commuter tales, poetry, and random thoughts. A nurse by day and a writer in my dreams, I have always written. From an early age I had an imaginary friend who featured in my stories at primary school. As an only child with a troubled childhood I used my imagination as a form of escape. My primary school teachers wondered why I had so many adventures with my imaginary friend but for me it was not unusual.

Going onward into my teenage years I used poetry as a way to vent my teenage angst. Love found and lost became a pattern and my pen shared my innermost thoughts in a secret diary and notebook. Not so secret when your Mum opens and reads it!

I began blogging during some difficult times and this was a form of cleansing and I found it strangely therapeutic. At the same time I started writing some ideas based on a series of children’s books. I see myself more able to write short stories for children than an adult novel.

This blog brings together several themes and so far I like the variety of posts and followers. I don’t feel restricted, free to share whatever is in my mind or observations.

I am grateful for anyone who takes time to pause, read and smile or reflect. Thanks for stopping by and please help yourself to a complimentary dream on the way out.