Last nights sleep was completely pants! For some unknown reason I was wide awake and the room seemed so light even with the curtains closed. Its odd that if its sometimes deathly quiet I cannot sleep. It was hard to hear anything, which hammered home how odd this situation really is. Sometimes you forget and think things like, I must get this ready or that ready for work tomorrow and then think oh no, its not a usual day. My mind was buzzing with stupid questions such as will I ever read all of the books on my kindle and bookshelves – (trust me its like the British library). Surprisingly I feel wide awake still and a red hot shower woke me up first thing. Is it possible to wash yourself away? Molton Brown shower gel is just too good with its luxurious lather, I just can’t get enough of it, it must cost an absolute fortune, thanks Mum for a lovely Christmas present, it gets me through!

Now are you sitting down comfortably? The bread flour has ……..arrived! And the yeast. Boring I know, but this has made my day. The fact that is a 16kg pack has required me to order a container to store it in and I don’t think bread will need to be bought for the rest of the year. At this present moment a 1lb loaf is in the bread machine and is very quiet so sssshhh do not wake it up because its very shy and will hopefully rise to the occasion later (said in a Nigella voice). I have only ever made bread in a machine with the ready mixed packs so I may well end up with a panini!! Tune in tomorrow to see the result, I know you can hardly contain yourselves. The fantastic company this and cake mixes are from is a lovely family at They are based in Nottingham and provide such an excellent speedy service. I did finally get my refund from the bogus company that had not even sent the bread flour.

Things are also becoming more difficult on the fruit/veg and meat delivery front. The local community farm has updated their page to say they will only be honouring the one off order this week and then only people with recurring orders set up. This caused a slight concern as the local supermarket is usually bereft of supplies. I have managed to find a Bristol butcher who also does fresh produce so an order has been placed for next week. If this doesn’t pan out it may be spam, tinned peaches and noodles for tea.

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