Is it really day 14 of lock down? In some ways it seems so long ago that we started all of this new regime, in other ways it seems a short time ago. The name “lock down” implies we have strict rules – that we are regimented, that people are indeed staying put. The local area certainly seems quieter here, however news reports from some parts of the UK seems to indicate that some of the public are choosing to sunbathe, travel to beauty spots to exercise or sight see. I really wish the parks would be closed to the public right now, there are of course so many that its impossible to put a physical barrier across but if it was legislation that we could not use them for the moment, at least this could be enforced by the police. It is such a shame that a few spoil it for the masses who are trying to abide by the guidance. It has reminded me of school days where there were always a few who would push the boundaries – me included (hard to believe, I know!) and the rest would then get punished. The reality is, this is not playground stuff and it cannot be put right by a detention and the only result will be more lives lost as new statistics on a bar chart.

On the plus side today the weather has been glorious sunshine all day, even though I have no garden its lovely to look out at it and see it helping the tree blossoms to bloom. Not that I have been out in it today, as have been working from home fighting the cause. I have had a lot of messages of gratitude today which is also very humbling, considering my role seems minuscule in the grand scheme of things. One of my strategic bosses sent a lovely message to me today that I “clearly went the extra mile in a situation and that it was testament to my professionalism and compassion”. This really made my day and was a reminder that we can all try and do something for someone that is outside the box, that might help them in some way even though it isn’t our actual role or responsibility. As Maya Angelou said in one of my favourite quotes “Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud”

Talking of rainbows – how lovely is this crocheted rainbow by my talented Twitter friend Abby @the_only_abi who has kindly agreed to make me one for my window. In our local area people are putting up rainbow pictures in their window and also teddy bears – mainly for children to see on their daily walks around to make them smile.