Today has felt like ground-hog day, it is like my life has been on complete repeat this week. I must confess at times my to do list seems relentless and I wonder if I am making any headway at all. I texted Mum as usual, explaining this and she had never heard of ground-hog day, so I explained it to her. The film is one of my favourites and has been downloaded to watch tonight which will be perfect switch off. This is if I don’t get hammered on call of course, which is a total unknown. Ground-hog day seems a perfect representation of the current situation with no day seeming any different to any other, I don’t even know what day of the week it is, as they all merge into one of the same. The path ahead seems to run in a straight line and has no end like a never ending tunnel, with us all trying to keep our spirits up along the way.

I cannot believe how gorgeous the weather is out there since this has all been going on, its like nature is having a good old laugh at our expense as we all can only go out once per day for exercise. I get so discombobulated in the hot weather that I am not particularly bothered that I cannot be out and haven’t got a garden anyway, so I will stay pale complexioned as usual. Again a seemingly fairly quiet day outside on the street, I am wondering how many people will be banging pots and pans at 8pm again tonight for the front line workers. Hard to believe that it’s nearly Easter already, but I am looking forward to 3 days off to catch up on some studying, reading, craft, walking and switch-off, with a healthy dose of chocolate on the side!