A beautiful day out there – blue sky, hardly a cloud and the sound of pretty much silence. I still cannot believe what is going on around us, despite living and breathing this disease day and night. There are times of course when you forget, whilst watching a film, listening to music or doing something ordinary like chores. I guess we all wanted more blanket days, more us time, but is it just me or do you actually seem to have less time? Due to altered working patterns for the foreseeable future, I seem to either be working, on call, or trying to switch off from both on my days off. Its a constant odd feeling of having something pressing to do, but on days off not always achieving a lot. The permanent exhaustion of this whole thing can be relentless, and I am glad that I have hobbies to keep me going.

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies, but at present I am struggling to read Wool by Hugh Howey. This is not because I am not enjoying it, completely the opposite, but I seem to have lost my reading mojo, and can just about manage a chapter a day. I am wondering how long it will take Goodreads to notice that I am slipping a bit in my personal challenge of reading one book a week in 2020 and will soon say I can do better and give me detention. It seems to be a concentration issue, perhaps my brain is too overloaded by work and the situation, I will keep persevering with it, because reading is always escapism. If I don’t get on with it I will have sleepless nights worrying how I will read them all before I go upstairs, and what if we can’t take our books with us when we go (nurses humour, you will get used to it!)