A valued day off today, to catch up pottering with chores and bake a ginger cake. There is still something satisfying about a bit of a routine and seeing the flat clean and tidy, even when you consider does it really matter, as who is going to see it anyway. I have also managed to crochet another face mask adaptor as part of the orders that I have received for free supplies to NHS workers. I was saddened today to see some people offering them for ยฃ5 on Etsy. I know people are struggling with finances, but it got me thinking there is always someone willing to profit from a disaster. Some people are crowdfunding for cash for supplies or putting out pleas for the kits such as buttons which people are dropping off to them. This is a sensible way to get what you need, without taking advantage. We have all got things we really don’t need or that are in a drawer that we had forgotten about until the plea is heard. I was really happy to see 2 posts on Facebook by a teenager who has made a load of buttons from a 3D printer and a man who is making them out of sheets of acrylic.

On one of the groups that I am a member of, there is a lot of debate about whether the face mask adaptors are safe – infection control wise. Coming from an infection control background myself, I had to give it some thought. Considering the items used are made from cotton yarn, plastic buttons, can be washed with a uniform – I don’t see the issue for a low risk area for healthcare workers on a risk assessed basis. The fact that they sit on the back of the head, where a hair bobble would, that the user is likely to find that the mask sits more tightly on the face, doesn’t get sore ears and gets some comfort from them – are surely the plain facts. From the craft group posts on Facebook it would appear that some healthcare facilities are accepting them and some are not. The things that don’t fit a policy or guideline will always of cause such debate about what is allowed or not.

I also had several deliveries today, some crochet supplies – buttons, crochet hook and a surprise package. Sometimes the little things mean a lot, sometimes kindness can touch a heart, sometimes we all need that in our lives when we are feeling vulnerable. I opened an envelope to find some Jinty postcards. The fact that someone had read my blog, knew what was important to me, took the time to think, order and send something to me that they knew would make me smile. I am not afraid to say I stood there and cried. Whoever you are, thank-you, you touched my soul and lots of love to you.