As part of my switch off from work, I really enjoy a bit of wind down TV. At present Ricky Gervais is helping me to forget about what is going on out there. I have always loved Ricky’s humour, he has that kind of face that you look at and just want to smile. I am so pleased that Netflix are adding so many gems at the moment as part of their repertoire. Extras is so funny with all of the celebrities making fun of their own selves with their own mannerisms and characters. The relationship between Maggie and Andy warms my heart. It is just the kind of friendship you really value in life and the way they interact and know each other inside out is simply lovely. I love Maggie’s style and dress sense, she reminds me of Cyndi Lauper with her hair and outfits. My favourite section is where Maggie is in a bedsit and Andy hasn’t even noticed she is struggling as he is so caught up in his own self endeavours. The “will they won’t they” interactions have you wanting it to happen whilst at the same time wanting their subconscious flirting to go on forever so that it doesn’t spoil the magic.

Once again with After Life, Ricky takes on some of the most difficult topics such as grief, attempted suicide, drug abuse, bullying and portrays them in such a novel way, head on with no hesitation. His display of pure raw emotion in all of his dramas intrigues me, he must have had a lot of personal issues in his life to be able to draw on it as he does over and over again. The way he combines humour one minute with that raw emotion another is quite incredible. Once again the relationship between Tony and his late wife Lisa is beautiful, funny and quite rare in life. One of my favourite characters is Roxy the sex worker who helps Tony through some of his deepest grief through pure kindness and perhaps a contrast of the stereotypical character. I am really looking forward to series 2 on the 24th of the month!

The series Derek is also one of my favourites. Watching it at the moment is a bit of a bus-mans holiday but makes me howl laughing. Derek is a special needs care assistant in a care home who has a heart of gold and would do anything for the residents in his care. I really think Ricky must have spent some time researching in care homes to have got so many of the elderly characters so realistic – especially their expressions. Whilst some of the characters actions would of course be unrealistic in a real care home setting, it is heart warming to see the dedication shown by care staff and the little things that would make the day for a care home resident. It really focuses on what is important in life and utmost kindness, which really resonates with me, in a world where you can be anything, just be kind.