A lovely surprise package arrived today in the middle of work. When I opened it there were some lovely buttons from Little Button Jar: https://www.facebook.com/thelittlebuttonjar/ and some tags to include with my face mask adaptors when I post them out. This was as a thank-you for doing the admin spreadsheet for the Facebook face mask adaptors national group. I have enjoyed doing this role as it is liaising with the infection control colleagues that I know to see if they are accepting the items and adding the contact details of where to send them. Its also bringing all of the threads together from posts, comments and new information from members to make sure everyone knows where is the best place to send them and not have their work wasted or discarded. This is important as its a lot of time and effort as well as the cost of the materials to make the items – yarn, buttons, postage.

I have ordered a caddy for my buttons from a lovely company called Readicut – https://www.readicut.co.uk/ as well as some more cotton yarn. I had forgotten about this company as I used to order craft items from them when I was a lot younger and lived in West Yorkshire. I used to be an avid crafter even then – knitting, crochet and rug making! The company make many kits for all these type of crafts and have been going for years. I am looking forward to the caddy arriving and being able to sort out all my lovely buttons. A very busy day at work today so I am looking forward to some switchoff and craft again with a bit of TV and then the radio to finish off my evening.