As of 6pm tonight I am officially on leave for a week! It is a little odd in the fact that it was mean’t to be a trip to Belfast to do some family history – my Great Grandmother was married in Belfast and was in the Salvation Army there in the 1900’s. I also wanted to see the Titanic Museum, which is another fascination of mine, and somewhere I have always wanted to visit. All of this can of course be planned in the future, whenever normality resumes. A Bank Holiday and working is nothing unusual and in normal rotas its just another day for my workplace. I have reflected today that the last proper break from work was back in November which is a long time ago and I must admit I am ready for a rest and some total switch off.

I was really pleased to get some replies to my cheeky requests for donations of buttons and yarn for the facemask adapters, thanks to John, the chairman of ย who has kindly offered me a donation of lovely coloured buttons for the cause as he knows the idea of brightening things up during the crisis appeals to people. I am really grateful of his kind offer and they do look exceptionally good buttons. I have also had some offers of 50% off or NHS discount which is great to see. Now its time to pack away the work stuff, clear my desk and the out of office is officially on and Stephy has left the building!