It never ceases to amaze me, commuting. I find it fascinating and the ultimate “people watching” pastime. I mean, where else would you find so many different characters, all in one place?

One thing that does amuse me is the filling up of the bus. It starts slowly like the first sip of an ice-cold drink on a hot summers day, and before you know it the whole bottle is tipped up and spilt all down your front!

A few tentative travellers get onto the already full bus and congregate around the driver, stair well and entrance. It is as if there is an electric fence beyond the first row of seats. What are they afraid of? Do they think the back of the bus is the deep end and they need water wings or a lifeguard? Is it safer to stay down in the front shallow end aka toddlers pool where their feet will always be touching the bottom?

The bus goes steadily on its way, still stopping and even more people cram on until it is like a jam sandwich with a whole pot of jam between the slices of bread.

The poor driver cries out in vain, “Move all the way to the back please, use all of the space”

No-one moves.

No-one has a chance of alighting.


The poor driver cannot even open the door.

In other news there is a man “walking” his greyhound whilst he is on his bike. No wonder its so thin!