As the lock down situation finally sinks in, my mind has started to wander to the most mundane things. No longer am I concerned about where to get a loaf of bread, but whether I will be able to get hair dye and how will I last without a hair trim. Will I emerge after the months of solitary resembling a mermaid?

I say I am no longer worried about a loaf of bread, but I have ordered and had a bread maker delivered. I have had a few over the years and the novelty wore off and they went to the great charity shop. Now here it is ready to go and there is only one problem, as yet no bread flour. Its on its way, somewhere in the delivery cloud. That cloud must be very heavy as it also has a table top freezer up there as well that hopefully will arrive at some point. I do adore bread and at times like this you need some comfort food.

I have made an effort to up the fitness regime, early morning walk or Wii fit yoga sessions. I had long wanted to start yoga, but it looked so difficult and I feared I would never untangle myself from Twister stylee poses. I must confess to having gotten stuck on the floor like a beached whale, but all good fun. It is extremely relaxing after a day crouched over a laptop and less mobility outdoors. Isn’t it ironic that the weather is absolutely sublime now we are restricted in going out?!

The other thing I did today dear reader, is have a mini meltdown. Mainly sheer frustration at someones act and behaviour and it all got on top of me and I needed a lil tantrum breakout area where I could have a lil moment. As I reminded myself we are all allowed to get frustrated, so after a cup of tea and a break, it was back to work. Tomorrow is another day!

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