Today I feel quite serene, calm, after quite a sound sleep. Its rare I seem to sleep through the night, often laying awake wondering ridiculous things such as what happened to scampi Nik-Naks, whatever happened to Damart underwear and those hideous floral patterned sofa covers and the like. Although I was on call, I was not disturbed so I am thankful for that. The neighbours downstairs on top of having a marital meltdown every day have been slamming doors constantly and despite apologising have continued to do so. I have had to complain to the managing agent as it is unacceptable levels of noise and something that has never happened before. Even this however, did not dampen my serene state.

I think that writing this blog is quite cathartic, unburdening and settles my mind. Perhaps the end of the day is a good time to do it or else what would you have to write about? I would be like Prince George trying to write his autobiography already. The bread flour saga continues, its still on its way, and so I patiently wait, hands ready to knead, salivating at the thought of a piece of crusty bread. It’s not all bad as I found a mac’n’cheese jar in the cupboard which was so gorgeous with some fellow macaroni tonight.

I have been able to try and spread some joy today with family and friends who have been struggling during the imposed lock-down and concerns about COVID-19. Simple gestures such as offering to be a friend, sending some silly pictures/videos can make all the difference and as I was told, thanks for “reaching out”. We don’t do it enough really, and I am missing real bear hugs that make the world go round from friends, special people who need it and reciprocate.