A time owing day and I was awake and up at 06.30. After a fresh fruit, veg, and meat delivery from the Community local farm shop, I decided to make some jam. On the stove you think? No, in the bread-maker, which has a jam setting would you believe. Scrabbling in the cupboard for the necessary ingredients, of course I was not in possession of jam sugar, cooking apples or lemon juice. I did have the necessary frozen mixed fruit and decided to be adventurous and slice up an ordinary large apple, add granulated sugar and some frozen lemon slices (put aside for G&T). A lovely smell as it started warming up in the bread maker.

Onto making a cake next with the cake mix from an online company, which was fine, until it asked for a certain gram weight of eggs – not 1 large or 2 small. Maths was never my strong point, so I Googled the equivalent and guesstimated the 3 eggs added plus the vegetable oil content. Very relaxing watching that in the oven whilst putting away all of the produce which is so fresh and nice to know its supporting the local community. I must admit even though I am a nurse I have felt anxious stepping into large gatherings in the supermarket etc. Being a diabetic on injections and an asthmatic I know the risk is great and when I have seen my learned colleagues equally concerned about COVID-19, I have felt those fears myself. I push it down inside as being a nurse I am used to keeping a poker face when everyone else is stressed or reassuring those who need it. I have also realised that this feeling can affect all of us at anytime and I know many of my close friends and those on social networks have felt the same. As long as we accept those feelings will come and go and move onto something else, we can get through this together.

The cake rose, the jam set and the cake was pretty good if I do say so myself with a layer of frosting and the homemade jam. I have reflected today that I would like to have this kind of life in an ideal world. A lovely cottage in a quiet place, with views, sea nearby and the freedom to play music, make jam, bread and grow my own fruit and veg. Its strange how it has taken this situation to make me think about these things and try something new again like making jam. Mum has also signed up to a Future Learn free online course on a historical topic. She has wanted to for a while, and said she was trying to build up the courage, so I coaxed her along and she is absolutely loving it. I am very proud of how she is coping through this new situation and isolation.

As I watched the bus driver in the empty bus in his face mask from the window it made me think of the people who put themselves at risk as well as the NHS staff. There are many unsung heroes out there who help transport us from A to B, to the construction workers, cleaners, retail staff, delivery drivers, binmen, to name but a few. We are all brave for being in a completely surreal situation that we never envisaged 6 months ago. We will have to dig deep, support each other and keep ourselves in the best health we can, whilst trying to find laughter in between the mayhem and uncertainty. Give yourself a round of applause as well as the heroes out there. Realise what you hold dear, and hold onto it with all you can, the sun will come out tomorrow. Me, I am holding out for bear hugs, and cake ; )