Today dear readers, I had to get angry. An unusual trait for me, but the fact that the bread flour had still not appeared and I had Googled the company only to find it had dire reviews got me that way. I had been reasonable, and patient, all to no avail. After raising a dispute via ebay the company then said they apologised, cancelled my order and refunded me. This is funny as they had repeatedly told me it was delayed in transit! Perhaps at time I am very naiive, granted but the fact that people use such times as these to profiteer is beyond me. All was not lost as the firm that I bought my cake mix from has also now got in flour and yeast, so I have successfully ordered some which I know will arrive next week from a very lovely family firm.

Skype conferencing calls really are something else aren’t they? If its not someone who loves the sound of their own voice, its several people shouting over each other at once, the Smash get smash tinny interference or someone chatting away for the best part of ten minutes and then discovering they have been on mute. The saving grace is the various pets that barge in on the action, sit on desks, laps or start barking for attention in the background. Children also want to take part from screaming to playing the noisiest games ever whilst their parent is speaking.

Goggle-box was welcome switch-off last night after work, which got me thinking that programmes will also be affected in the future with this situation, as we know the soaps have been. It will be odd not seeing the same people we have become accustomed to on our screens, but perhaps a chance to dig out old DVDs, catch up on box sets or just read or complete the Christmas scene jigsaw you started last year. Its odd how doing less makes you so tired, perhaps its the strain of the whole thing, but I feel utterly exhausted at times, despite exercise and sleep.

Back at the ranch, the door slamming from the downstairs flat has finally stopped, praise be! Have they got door wedges, are the children propping open the doors as permanently super glued door stops, who knows! There’s a kind of hush all over the place here right now, which makes you think perhaps more people are taking it seriously. I really wish they would as I am acutely aware we are at the foot of a very steep climb up a slope and I have already heard too many stories of lost ones – young and old and a lot of healthcare staff. I did have a rye (I know its spelt wrong – its a joke) smile to myself as I ordered the 16kg bag of bread flour wondering if I would be still here to actually get through it all!

Nurses humour lovelies – it gets us through, laters …..