I confess today was a day of very little activity, apart from a walk in the morning. The cycle and pedestrian paths around here are normally full of families and the keep fit brigade, but quite a lot less so today. It was interesting to see peoples adaptations to the lack of exercise, one guy running up a very steep hill with his dog ambling behind him and then running down the adjoining steps, on repeat. I thought to myself I would never make it to the top running without a rope and a can of oxygen but admired his stamina and ingenuity. Others on their bikes seemingly enjoying their one trot out per day taking in the sunshine. It got me thinking will we take more notice of the great outdoors, will we look up around us more, taking in the sights and smells, will this last when we go back to whatever normal is? Fortunately I was always taught to be outdoors, trailing behind my Mum come snow or high water to get yet more shopping or just for fresh air from an early age. We never had a car so walking was the norm, we always had six foot drifts in Winter ooop North in West Yorkshire so I was used to this sometimes being difficult. It really was that bad up there, I wasn’t just tiny and exaggerating. I am still 5 foot nowt and the snow is never that bad nowadays?!

If we do take more note of what is around us, will this have any effect on our actions and what we support – climate change campaigns, supporting local community and businesses. Will we go back to the supermarkets en mass buying fruit and veg that goes off after a few days and still moan about it or will we stick to the fruit and veg boxes that we have emergency signed up to. I have really enjoyed meals lately, using local fresh produce instead of processed food that is easy to buy, prepare and eat after a busy schedule. With the addition of Lakeland green bags for the fridge, this lasts so long with no waste and tastes so good. I am enjoying 3 hours a day more to myself with no commuting. The local bus is still running, I often wonder as I look out of the window is it picking anyone up, how many and is is worth it. I worry about the unnecessary risk to transport workers from people who choose to go out and about when it is not vital. This is such a selfish act and really makes you think about peoples personalities who still continue to bend the rules and just do what they want in this world. There is a time and a place for rebelling, we all know this has caused change for the better – Suffragettes, strikes, climate campaigns. The truth is that this virus is not something to rebel against, the truth is that this virus kills, healthcare workers, the likes of you and I – underlying health issues or not, it does not discriminate, it purely exists to survive and try and wipe us out. If people choose to ignore this, risk their own life, their families and workers who have no choice but to go to work because of their employer or key roles I have no patience with them and sadly it will take people they know on a ventilator to make them think.

As My Great Grand-Dad apparently always used to say, “when you have nothing else, look up” – there is a lot out there – both to see, love and keep us going through troubled times. Keep smiling, stay safe and think of others who may be struggling or just need some contact.