Today I feel much better, no low blood sugar feeling and its like it never happened. Quite odd, considering that I was so ill last night. Perhaps it was a warning, as we know our bodies soon tell us when enough is enough. I have spent the day pottering, a bit of ironing , reading, admin, and making some more mask adaptors for my ex Sister in law who wanted some for herself and colleagues at the care home where she works. She shared a certificate she was presented with today on Facebook, which was lovely to see that carers are getting some recognition on their hard work and devotion which is underrated and undervalued so often. As I have mentioned before I have been a matron of a care home and know how hard the staff work in difficult circumstances at the best of times.

This brings me to reflection on Facebook at the moment. Whilst I love the groups that I am part of and trying to help people, I am not liking the divide that seems to be happening right now. The people that are saying who they think are heroes versus those they see as having a paid jolly at home. I try not to put people into categories, I don’t see anyone as more heroic than another. We are all doing our best in this madness, even if those that have been asked to stay at home do just that. Those that go out to whatever type of work or work from home are keeping the country and all of us going, they are hard working, dedicated and just as frightened as the next person. The people who at home whether through choice or not are not on a jolly, they are scared, fed up of lock down, worried about the financial implications or mental health affected by it all. I don’t think we need anything in our lives that makes us feel worse, so I have had to have a Facebook deep clean to remove negativity and surround myself with like minded people.

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