Has it really been 5 weeks? The time has gone by and I had not really been counting how many weeks it had been. Considering I was having to self isolate a week before that due to diabetes and asthma, it has been a total of 6 weeks for me. Yesterday evening and today I started to feel angry about this virus. It is not a common trait for me at all, known for generally being calm, placid, realistic, it has taken me aback a little. I am angry with the control it has over our lives, angry that it is taking people’s liberty away, their loved ones, their jobs, their laughter, their hobbies, their peace of mind. It is hard to believe that a little virus particle can cause so much damage and that we are totally powerless in its storm of devastation.

As the day has gone on, the storm has lifted, things have become clearer, I have pushed its impact to the other part of my realistic brain. This mayhem will be over one day, we will be able to resume normal activities, we will hug those we love that we have been distanced from, go and visit the places we love and places we have never seen before. It cannot and will not win, it will not overpower our spirits, try as it might. I feel like I have pushed up from the bottom of a very deep swimming pool, gulped some fresh air and feel a little renewed energy and ready to fight another day.

A lovely lady I spoke to today misheard my name when we swapped them for our own records, I said “Steph”, she said “Beth?”, I said no, “Steph, Stephanie”, she said “Ok thanks Beth”, I spelled it out, she said “I am so sorry I thought you said Beth, definitely!!”

We laughed and laughed some more and the comicalness of it all kept us laughing out loud, one stopped laughing the other kept on until we were crying with laughter. Its the little things that mean the most. Pricelesss.