Today I have been blown away by the kind generosity of a group of people. The first group is the team of fellow crocheters who have helped me to fulfil face mask adaptor orders for The Wirral, London at record pace. We must have supplied hundreds over the last few days. They have picked up their hooks and yarn and produced such lovely products that are being sent to those who need them. Many have carried on making them for The Wirral, where they are in desperate need of a generous supply for all of the hospital. The team of people have carried on sending me updates and posting out packages, giving up their time and efforts to the greater good against this blessed virus.

The 2nd group of people I am grateful for are those who have been giving me feedback on the products that I have made, personal messages about how this has made a difference, they have comfort at last in a difficult job and environment. These are the local carers who have kindly taken pictures of each other so that I can see them in action and also get feedback about the size which is adaptable. I have been so humbled and emotional (it doesn’t take much for this soppy mare!) by their gratitude. They are so grateful for anything that provides a bit of relief and also touched by people thinking of them.

I have had some replies to all of my emails sent out to infection control teams in the SW area and we now have some new places to supply adaptors to, they too were very grateful of everything people are doing for the NHS. I was very happy to receive a new supply of buttons today as well, and look at what they send me as a little freebie. These will be nice to send out with my packages to the healthcare staff. Its those little things that make us smile right now, the unexpected, the spontaneous, the revelations, which I love, love, love.