A chores day today, with music on, which always makes things seem less of a chore. I suddenly heard Glen Campbells “Galveston” and broke into song, I absolutely adore that song, its one that I used to listen to on Auntie Elsies radiogram on vinyl. Funny how music can take you back to a moment in time, to a person, to a memory, to a place, like an invisible transport mechanism. As well as chores I have made a cheese and onion quiche from scratch today, it will be interesting to see what its like as its a long time since I have made one. One thing I have enjoyed about the lockdown is less commuting and more time to try new things or pick things up that I haven’t done for a long time.

The other pleasurable thing today was using my friend Liz’s donated buttons on the facemask adaptors. They really are quite beautiful and I know that the staff that see them will smile and like to wear them for a bit of fun amongst the madness and trauma of needing to wear PPE for entire shifts. I had a lovely thank-you today from a colleague to which we have been supplying the adaptors as all of her carers, porters and admin are using facemasks and they are really grateful for the supply. I know she really appreciated my friend Sarah working so hard and donating these.

I have updated the spreadsheet for the Facebook group tonight and there are now a lot of places taking advantage of the free offer of help, which is keeping us all going. We were discussing the fact that none of the group seem to fall out, which is very refreshing and shows what a group of like minded people can achieve if they have a common cause.