I have finally finished the first book of the Wool trilogy by Hugh Howey. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I found this quite a frustrating book because of all of the unending climbing up and downstairs. The plot got a whole lot more exciting for a wee while and then got bogged down in several chapters of description for an event that could have been done in one really. The jury is still out in what I think about the book. I do love the concept, and the wider aspect of the plot interests me so I will definitely read 2 and 3. But for now I have decided to complete the half finished books that I have listed on Goodreads – the first of which will be Madonnas autobiography by J. Randy Taraborrelli. It is quite a good read, I have always loved Madonna, although when my teenage boyfriend had her plastered all over his wall in various poses, I did not admit this. I did try to copy her image for a lot of my teenage years and saw myself as a bit of a rebel, to escape the mayhem that was my childhood.

Today has been successful in that I heard a group of people helping me managed to supply over 700 crocheted face mask adaptors to a variety of settings in London and The Wirral with very grateful staff indeed. It has been an absolute delight to get to know so many great people with a common cause and there are no fall outs in a group of over 4,000 members. I know that the group will continue on the other side of this in some shape or form to make items for some kind of charitable purpose. It really does warm my heart to know that a group of people can come together and do something great with a crochet hook and wool, or in our case, washable 100% cotton yarn!